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Green Campus

Green Campus

 Our college has adopted the ‘Green Campus’ system for environmental conservation and contributing towards the sanctity of this planet. The rapid urbanization and economic development are leading to several environmental and ecological crises. On this background it becomes essential to adopt the system of the Green campus for the institute which will lead for sustainable development. We can make a tremendous impact on student health and learning college operational costs & the environment .There are main three pillars i.e. zero environmental foot print, positive impact on occupant health & performance and 100% graduates demonstrating environmental literacy. The goal is to reduce CO2 emission, energy use & water use, while creating an atmosphere where students can learn and be healthy.

     The ‘Green Campus’ has been active since last 2 years both as an assembly group of sub committees that actively promote the various projects. We work on the several facets of ‘Green Campus’ including Water Conservation, Tree Plantation, Waste Management, Paperless Work, Alternative Energy and Mapping of Biodiversity.

       For water conservation we have developed rain water harvesting on the campus that harnesses the rain water which would otherwise be wasted. In addition to this we have also built CCTs for water conservation.

        To make the campus greener in true sense, we have planted numerous trees that are specially selected for their oxygen generating properties. These trees are particularly helpful in balancing ecosystem. In addition to this we have developed Azolla & Spirulina projects that are powerful nutrients for cattle & human respectively. We are fully aware of the menace of waste material, especially e- waste. To curb this menace, we have focused on waste management program that emphasizes minimal waste production and ecofriendly disposal of waste that is generated on the campus.

       In order to support above goals we have started paperless work system. Under this innovative step we circulate students related information through the college website, E-mails, SMS, WhatAPP groups etc. Moreover the important notices are announced in the common student’s assembly as well.

      The ‘Green House Gases’ have created great challenge for future generation. We have initiated use of solar energy for generating electricity. For this we have installed 16 solar panels on our college terrace. To map biodiversity of flora and fauna we fix the position with GPS enabling the conservation efforts.

   We are sure that all these steps will lead to prosperous future in context of Green Campus & thus for sustainable environmental and community development.                                               

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